Safer   Stronger   Better

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about our campaign to make Rockland safer, stronger and better. That starts with the Rockland County Sheriff's Office.

Rockland County's Sheriff’s Office must be seen as a benefit to the overall protection of our County.  It can no longer be referred to as a duplicative or an unnecessary service.

With growing drug crime, infiltration of gangs, identity theft on the rise and growing public corruption, we need a Sheriff’s Office that is forward thinking and working to stop the next crime, not reacting to crime that has already occurred.  The Sheriff’s Office should be proactive, not just reactive.

As we embark on our campaign, we will continue to discuss these important issues and share more specific proposals and ideas with you.  

Please reach out to us to get involved in our campaign.  

Only together, can we make Rockland safer, stronger and better. 


Safer, Stronger, Better